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This page is about PowerSchool for Students

You can think of Power School as a digital report card. All your grades, schedule, and demographic information can be accessed here!

Your Account

You do not have to create an account for Power School because you will be given one.


Checking your Grades

Normally, logging in to Power School will automatically direct you to the ‘Grades and Attendance’ page – your report card. However, if it does not show your grades right away, you can click on ‘Grades and Attendance’, which is located under the left-side ‘Navigation’ bar.


Notice that your grades are written in blue; this means that you can click on each grade to get a specific breakdown of how your scores all add up.


Now you can see individual grades for your assignments, quizzes, and tests.


Under the Navigation bar, you’ll see ‘My Schedule’ towards the bottom. You can view your current schedule here; towards the end of school, you will use Power School to arrange your schedule for the next year as well.