Renouncing Chinese Citizenship

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A good overview of this procedure can be found here.

Please note that renouncing Chinese citizenship can take up to a year to process.

Beijing's Procedures (May 2014)

退出中国国籍申请须知 Notice: Renunciation of Chinese Nationality
一、申请条件:有外国籍的近亲属(父母、配偶、子女、同胞兄弟姐妹) 1. Requirements:Applicant should have immediate relatives (parents, spouse, children, siblings) with foreign citizenship.
二、需提交的材料:1. 两张填写完格、贴有两寸彩色近期正面免冠照片的《退出中华人民共和国国籍申请书)); 2. Application Documents:(1) Two completed “Application to Renounce PRC Citizenship” forms with recent 2-inch color photos (with no head covering).
2. 自愿退出中国国籍的书面申请(退出原因、未成年人需由父母双方签字); (2) A written statement applying to voluntarily renounce PRC citizenship (stating reasons for abandonment; both parents should sign on behalf of a minor).
3. 自愿加入外国籍的声明(未成年人需由父母双方签字); (3) A declaration that obtaining foreign citizenship is voluntary (both parents should sign on behalf of a minor).
4. 本人简历(包括出生地、是否有国内户口、是否领取中国证件及出入境持用证件情况、外国护照取得时间、地点); (4) Resume (including place of birth; whether the applicant has a domestic household registration booklet; whether the applicant has PRC certificates and exit-entry certificates; and date and place of receiving foreign passport).
5. 北京户口本、身份证原件和复印件; (未上户口的儿童免交〉 (5) Beijing household registration booklet, and original and copy of national ID card (children who have no household registration booklet are exempted).
6. 中国护照(或其它中国出入境证件)复印件: (6) Copy of PRC passport (or other PRC exit-entry certificate).
7. 拟入籍国的定居证明或拟入籍国相关部门出具的同意其入籍的相关材料(外文材料需经指定翻译公司译成中文); (7) Residence certificate from the country of intended naturalization or materials from the appropriate department of the country of intended naturalization agreeing to naturalization there. (Documents in a foreign language must be translated to Chinese by a designated translation company).
8. 己取得拟入籍国护照的,可提交拟入籍国护照复印件及翻译件,免交第 7 条所列材料: (8) An applicant who has already received the passport from the country of intended naturalization may submit a copy of the passport and a translation instead of the documents listed in item 2(7).
9.申请人外籍近亲属(父母、配偶、子女〉的身份证明(外国护照翻译件) ; (9) Foreign passport and translation evidencing the identity of close relatives (parent, spouse, or child) with foreign nationality.
10. 申请人为未成年人,还需提交本人出生证明、父母结婚证明、父母双方身份证明(护照、 户口本和身份证) ; (10) If the applicant is a minor, submit a birth certificate, parents’ marriage certificate, and the identity certificates (passport, household register and national ID card) of both parents.
11.公安机关出入境管理部门认为有必要提供的其它证明材料: (11) Other evidence that the Public Security Bureau’s Exit-Entry Administration authority believes is necessary.
12.申请人除申请表上贴的照片外还需再交两张三寸彩色近期正面免冠照片。 (12) In addition to the photos on application form, applicants should submit anther two recent 3-inch color photos (with no head covering.
所提交材料均需 A4 纸张,一式二份

外文材料(包括外国护照)须经公安机关出入境管理部门认可的翻译机构翻译 申请退出中国国籍手续费 50 元,退出中国国籍证书 200 元

All documents should be submitted in duplicate on size A4 paper

Documents in foreign languages (including foreign passports) should be translated by a translation company designated by Public Security Bureau’s Exit-Entry Administration The application fee to renounce PRC citizenship is 50 RMB. The fee for production of the certificate of renouncing PRC citizenship is 200 RMB.